22 Feb

People can get a lot of benefits from drinking all sorts of wines. Wines are known to be very rich in antioxidants coming from the grapes used on them. These particles combat free radicals, thereby stopping their degenerating effects on normal cells. But then again, those who are interested in getting into the business would have to learn how to sell wine for the best returns. Those who own vineyards themselves sho
Red Wine With Red Meat And White Wine with white Meats
18 Nov

Australia’s come a long way since wine and cheese nights and chicken and champagne breakfasts were considered the height of savoir faire. Today there’s a growing understanding of the role wine can play at the table and a certain hunger to know more about the marriage Of wine and food.  Wine is getting involved in cookery courses and food is becoming incorporated into wine courses.  There’s now a win
How to Make Wine at Home by Yourself
3 Nov

How to Make Wine at Home by Yourself The procedure of making wine is straightforward but to some extent tedious. However, you can make wine that is fit enough for your plush kitchen and your throw pillows and your garden decoration with some determination. The following directions need to be observed when hoping to make wine yourself: Make beyond almost any doubt the zone through which you are producing your wine i
You Should Avoid Drinking Wine In These Circumstances
27 Oct

Many people like dringing red or white wine, yes, it’s really tasty and beneficial for health, but not in evey, but it is not suitable in any case for a drink, especially in the following circumstances, you should avoid drinking wine. Before driving, it is well know for everyone and unnecessary to explain. People who are allergy to alcohol. Women should avoid drinkg when they are pregnant, and couple both
The Grapevine and Its Environment
20 Oct

The Grapevine and Its Environment The success of a grapevine and the resultant Wine is dependent on a number of environmental and associated factors including Climate (including heat , sunshine , humidity, wind, rained and season conditions) Soil structure (covering surface and subsoils) and its fertility Canopy management (leaf coverage and trellising methods) Vineyard site and viticultural practices Pests a
13 Oct

Bordeaux glass Purpose: Brandy usually pot bellied dwarf cup, cup mouth to shrink inwards to when drinking with the palm of the hand hypanthium, and hands warm wine to the aroma Yun in the cup product, also let many alcohol evaporate. Burgundy glass Purpose: it is a classic feature of the stomach, compared to the Bordeaux wine cup, it is lighter, and the glass is more than the diameter of the larger, more easy t
Assess the Wine Quality by Sensory Evaluation
9 Oct

Assess the Wine’s Quality by Sensory Evaluation Assessing a wine using our senses of sight, smell and taste. Wine, like food, appeals to our senses on three level: it can look good , smell good and taste good . Each wine is a unique product with the climate, soil, grape variety, viticulturist and wine maker influencing the final product. We therefore have to visually appraise, smell and taste each wine to
Wine Types and Styles in Australia
9 Oct

Wine Types and Styles in Australia Wines are divided into basic types, depending on their composition. Some are sparkling (or fizzy), others are still (flat) whilst some differ in their alcoholic strength. In Australia these basic Wine types are further divided into three separate styles. Grape varieties. Named after the grape. Examples include Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir Generic styles. A style of
Wine History and Wine Culture in Australia
8 Oct

Wine has become the most favoured beverage to accompany food, both in Australia and throughout the world. In some cultures wine is such an integral part of living that it accompanies every meal, and is even diluted with water and given to children. With its predominantly Anglo-Saxon culture, Australia has never embraced wine in this manner. The former culture of beer for the masses and wine for the rich’ is n